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I’ve sầu been thinking about doing this for a while (lượt thích two weeks) but hadn’t gotten around to it. If các bạn hadn’t seen the tiêu đề I shall be the Winx Fairy School phầm mềm. I’m going to start off vì chưng saying I really tình thương this app and have sầu been playing this throughout the summer so without anything else, here is my Đánh Giá. The fairy school phầm mềm is available on both iOS và Android, however it isn’t không tính tiền. các bạn are able lớn purchase this ứng dụng for £4.99 hoặc $6.99, there is a lite version (free) on the iOS but bạn can only reach cấp độ 3. The aim of the game is to become a fairy which happens on level eleven, the game will give các bạn different quests which bạn have khổng lồ complete thus earning experience points. Most quests are worth 50xp points & within each màn chơi bạn need 1000 experience points to level up. Blooset will be your tiếp theo sau transformation at level đôi mươi but Tsumanga haven"t updated their tiện ích yet, currently the furthest bạn can reach is cấp độ 17. When các bạn first start up the game chúng ta are greeted with a letter from Miss Faragondomain authority saying you’ve sầu been accepted to enrol in Alfea. Then chúng ta have to lớn put in your name (for your fairy, it doesn’t necessarily have lớn be yours) và choose an element. The elements consist of Fire, light, life, mophix, techno & air. Sorry Musa những người ái mộ there is no âm thanh but instead air.

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Faragonda then welcomes bạn & gives chúng ta a diary lớn keep up with current quests, treasure các bạn find, your story & your inventory.

In the game các bạn earn hearts (which is your currency that chúng ta use to buy items for your dorm hoặc your character) and sapphires (which are used lớn tốc độ the learning process up.) các bạn can use real money lớn pay for thêm however that isn"t necessary. There are different rooms in Alfea và chúng ta unlochồng thêm with each passing cấp độ. When các bạn first start the game, chúng ta are được trao Flora"s secret garden, Wizgiz"s Hebology"s garden, Miss Faragonda"s office, Stella"s Boutique (in which chúng ta can change your character) và your dorm. In Flora secret garden chúng ta grow plants which takes different amounts of time depending on the công trình, & the time decreases vì chưng half as chúng ta become thêm experienced. chúng ta also unloông chồng thêm plants over time when chúng ta màn chơi up. In the Herbology clases chúng ta "learn" different spells, which also means bạn have lớn wait an allotted amount of time. các bạn are only allowed to lớn learn the tiếp theo cấp độ of that spell if chúng ta are on that cấp độ hoặc lower. Level 1: 1 một phút ít lớn complete. Level 2: 2 phút ít to lớn complete. Level 3: 4 phút khổng lồ complete. Level 4: 8 phút lớn complete. Level 5: 15 phút khổng lồ complete. Level 6: 30 phút to complete. Level 7: 1 giờ to complete. Level 8: 3 hours to lớn complete. Level 9: 6 hours khổng lồ complete. Level 10: 12 hours lớn complete. The levels stop there as there are only ten levels. bạn have to lớn master all the levels in each element (fire, light, life, morphix, techno và air) in different quests. Some levels even require items that chúng ta must prepare from Flora"s garden otherwise chúng ta can"t "learn" the lesson. chúng ta only have one station lớn learn everything so it does take a while.

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Flora"s secret garden. Xalia used lớn take 30 giây to lớn make but the value goes down after time.

Wizgiz"s Herbology lessons, I"ve completed all of the levels.

Stella"s Boutique (you can buy clothes, shoes, dresses, tops etc.)

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My dorm Faragonda"s office only tells bạn how much experience bạn need to level up. Over time bạn will unlock rooms lượt thích Layla potions lab, (who has the same concept as Flora"s garden) Musa"s fairy spells chamber, (who has the same concept as Flora"s garden) Tecna"s magic lab, (who has the same concept as Flora"s garden) Paladium"s Potionology class, Daphne"s history of magic & Griselda"s Magic archive who all have the same concept as Wizgiz, herbology. Those who have had enough of Bloom hopefully are glad that Bloom doesn"t have sầu her own classroom (she is only your friend & các bạn can her dorm.)