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PUBG 1.5 Update Download APK file+OBB, Features, Patch details are here. Download PUBG 1.5 update APK from this page now. We have provided necessary link through our blog for PUBG 1.5 Update. PUBG has recently updated Mobile gaming tiện ích & you can get new PUBG thiết bị di động 1.5 APK & OBB data file. You will soon be able to lớn download these files from our website.

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PUBG 1.5 Update Download

Recently the lathử nghiệm version for PUBG is lớn be released in collaboration with Tesla which is named as “Ignition”. After updating the Erangel bản đồ, you will also be able lớn see some of the Tesla Gigafactory locations in this PUBG map. You will be able to update your PUBG game by downloading PUBG 1.5 Update by downloading files from the link given below.

According to lớn the lathử nghiệm information we have sầu received, now you will also be able to use new weapons & vehicles in your PUBG game. In the released update, a new map has been released called Erangel Map, in which you will be given a chance lớn drive sầu some new weapons and vehicles. The game is going to be a lot of fun because of this PUBG Tesla collaboration named “Ignition”.

PUBG 1.5 Update New Features

Various new features are added lớn the game including the EVO Ground mode. Mission Ignition is live in the game until 6th September 2021. Various new changes are made to lớn the Earngel maps. These changes are done to lớn use the bản đồ for new retìm kiếm.

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Changes in Erangel are made in Geogopol, School, Yasnaya Polyamãng cầu, Malta Power nguồn, Pochinki, và Military base. Hyperlines và Air conveyors are also introduced in the game.


PUBG has made collaborated with Tesla which is an American EV company. PUBG 1.5 Update Avõ thuật has Tesla Gigafactory which can be used khổng lồ assemble the self-driving Model and Cybertruông chồng.

PUBG 1.5 Update APK download

The APK và OBB file tải về link for PUBG 1.5 Update are given as:

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How khổng lồ install PUBG 1.5 Update Ađại chiến tệp tin on your mobile?

You must have downloaded the PUBG 1.5 APK file from the link given on this page.Cliông chồng on the APK tệp tin lớn start the installation process.Your device may ask you khổng lồ enable installation from unknown sources.Enable the install of APK files from unknown sources by going lớn Settings > Apps and notifications > Special phầm mềm access > Install unknown apps.Now copy the OBB tệp tin and paste it in Android > OBB > com.pubg.imobile thư mục. If this thư mục does not exist, bởi vì create a new one at the same location with the same name.After that, open the PUBG sản phẩm điện thoại game & download the in-app data lớn open new changes.

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We hope that you have got all details related to lớn PUBG 1.5 Update APK tệp tin. You can ask your doubts in the phản hồi section below.