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My Talking Tom 2 is the sequel to My Talking Tom, a version of the classic Talking Tom Cat where you take care of a bouncing little baby Tom. Your tasks are khổng lồ feed, bathe, put little Tom khổng lồ bed, play with hyên ổn, help hlặng get better if he gets siông chồng, and a lot more. Along with being able lớn carry out all these mini-tasks, you can also customize your dễ thương little There are literally a thousand combos to customize Tom and give sầu hlặng that unique look.In My Talking Tom 2, you get to customize Tom và his surroundings, including every room in your house. With the money và the stars you get by leveling up, you can buy all kinds of furniture, wallpaper, carpets, & much more lớn add in some personal flair khổng lồ your

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Basically, you can build the house of your dreams.As might be expected, there isn"t much on My Talking Tom 2 that you couldn"t vì with the original Talking Tom Cat tiện ích. That is, you can say any phrase, & Tom repeats it right back lớn you with his familiar (and peculiar) voice. Plus you"ll have sầu all of Tom"s khổng lồ help you out -- and provide you with hours of fun.My Talking Tom 2 is a fun game. It follows up on other previous titles like Pou, Moy and other games from the Talking Tom saga, allowing players khổng lồ take care of a little virtual pet. Plus, this time around you can travel and visit lots of places with Tom.

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Outfit7 Limited
Apr 10th, 2022
All ages
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