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There are 3 SAO mobile games so far: Memory Defrag, Integral Factor và Rising Steel.

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After watching the anime, I want lớn start looking inkhổng lồ these games.

What bởi vì you guys think about these games? Which one is your favorite? What are advantages and disadvantages?



All three are very different. MD is an action scroller with no tự động và skill required to parry and learn trùm patterns. IF is a MMO, and RS is a team building turn based autoer. I played all three, I got a good year+ out of MD but I lost interest in the grind and constant power creep. I didn’t play IF much but it seemed decent. I play RS a lot now and enjoy it.

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Best thing I can say is try all three & piông xã the one with the gameplay that best matches what you look for. All three are pretty alive and active.

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Fate:Grvà Oder

Side scrolling beat 'em up: Memory Defrag.Turn based strategy: Rising Steel.MMORPG: Integral Factor.

As a big người of the IP.., I play all 3 và can offer you a little more insight about them, if you are interested.

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Dissidia Opera Omnia

Sure, I'm interested. Thanks.

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SAO Memory Defrag But it’s pretty grindy