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Do you want khổng lồ see what it is like? How it is lớn have got lớn 100% in the game, without finishing it off on your own?
seznam.cz)Saved positions for various missions. All saved games were honestly created, without any cheats, trainers or other tricks.
These SAVES were created for the www.hanic.com.vn trang web and they must not be uploaded anywhere else without my permission!!!
Because of the fact that some people were unable to lớn run these SAVES, we have sầu a MAIN.SCM tệp tin, which must be installed instead of the original tệp tin, in the folder where the game is installed. By default, this is Program Files/Rockstar Games/hanic.com.vn San Andreas/data/script. Before doing this, ensure you back up your original MAIN.SCM tệp tin.File: (MAIN.SCM 1 MB) (tải về only in case you can’t start SAVES).Los Santos1) Big Smoke2) Ryder3) Tagging Up Turf4) Cleaning Hood5) Driver-Thru6) Nines và Aka´s7) Driver-By8) Sweet´s girl9) Cesar Vialpando10) Home Invasion11) Catalyst12) Robbing Uncle Sam13) High StakesLow Rider14) OG Loc15) Running Dog16) Wrong Side of the Track17) Just Business (carried out a mission with an ambulance)18) Life´s Beach19) Madd Doggs Rhymes20) Management Issues21) House Party (carried out a fire brigade mission)22) Burning Desire23) Gray Imports24) Doberman25) Los Sepulcros26) Reuniting the Family27) Green Sabre

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Countryside28) Badlands29) Tanker Commander30) Body Harvest31) Local Liquor Store32) Against All Odds33) Small Town Bank34) Wu Zi Mu (a difficult race for some)35) Farwell My Love sầu (a difficult race for some)36) Are You Going to San FierroSan Fierro37) Wear Flower in your Hair38) 555 We Tip39) Air Raid (a mission for Zera)40) Supply Lines (a mission for Zera)41) New Army Model (a mission for Zera)42) Deconstruction43) Bachồng To School (A driving school)44) Phokhổng lồ Opportunity45) Jizzy46) T-Bone Mendez47) Mike Toreno (picked up Katie)48) Outrider49) Snail Trail
50) Ice Cold Killa51) Mountain Cloud Boys52) Ran Fa Li53) Pier 6954) Torrenos Last Flight55) Lure56) Amphibious Assault57) The Da Nang Thang58) Yay Ka-Boom-Boom (bought Wang Cars)59) Zeroing In60) Test Drive61) Customs Fast Track62) Puncture Wounds
Poušť63) Monster64) Highjack65) Interdiction66) Verdant Meadows67) Learning lớn Fly (flying school – one of the really tough missions)68) N.O.E.69) Stowaway (motorxe đạp crashing into plane that is taking off – next difficult missions)70) Blaông chồng Project71) Green Goo (a police mission – +150 armor)Las Venturas72) Fender Ketchup73) Explosive Situation74) You"ve sầu had your Chips75) Don Peyote76) Architectural Espionage77) Key to her Heart78) Key to lớn her Heart (+ keycard)79) Dam and Blast
80) Cop Wheels81) Up, Up and Away!82) Intensive Care83) The Meat Business84) Madd Dogg85) Fish in a Barrel86) Freefall (horror of horrors, the most difficult mission in the game)87) Misappropriation88) High Noon89) Saint Mark"s Bistro90) Breaking the Bank91) Home In The Hills
Comebaông chồng to lớn Los Santos92) Vertical Bird93) trang chủ Coming94) Cut Throat Business95) Beat Down on B Dup96) Grove sầu 4 Life97) Riot98) Los Desperados99) Los Desperados (35% area gain)100) End Of Line (Smoke dead)101) End Of Line (a chase with Tenpenny)102) End Of Line (the end)100% finished gameMichal Deus (mdeus
centrum.cz)(download - 53 kB) (an additional file main.scm - 1MB)The first save sầu by our editor, Michal Deus. It contains the regular finished game at 100%, without quality jumps and 100% of girlfriends picked up.100% SAVE by a reader Carl Johnson neznami2

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A save, which contains the 100% finished game + military vehicles in garages. (tải về - 80 kB )100% SAVE by a reader Lacika (tải về - 90Kb)