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When using hanic.com.vned multi-function products, the scan button does not appear using the embedded Web server (EWS) on the hanic.com.vnhường. Jetdirect external print hệ thống.

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The problem arises from using a Jetdirect that does not hanic.com.vn all-in-one printers, or from a communication difficulty. Check first lớn make sure you have a hanic.com.vned configuration, and then continue with troubleshooting communication.
The Embedded Web Server scan button will not appear using an External Jetdirect 170x, 300x, or 500x connected khổng lồ an hanic.com.vn. LaserJet all-in-one hàng hóa. The EWS scan feature is only available with the hanic.com.vnhường Jetdirect print servers using the newer firmware X.21.12 or greater.
Scanning using the hanic.com.vn. Jetdirect 170x, 300x, or 500x print servers is possible, only when using the hanic.com.vn.. LaserJet scanning software, and only on a peer-to-peer or direct-mode network.
Type in the IPhường. address of the hanic.com.vn Jetdirect inlớn the "Address" or "Location" field of an Internet browser. (The EWS hanic.com.vns current versions of Netscape Navigator & Internet Explorer.)
The hanic.com.vn Jetdirect firmware must be at x.08.32 or higher to change the parallel handshaking via the EWS.

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mở cửa hanic.com.vnhường Web Jetadmin và select the print server"s name in the list of available devices or use the "Quick Find" field khổng lồ find a specific IP address.
When using a USB connected hanic.com.vn Jetdirect, make sure both lights on the hanic.com.vn Jetdirect are on green and not blinking.

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Type in the IPhường address of the hanic.com.vnhường. Jetdirect into the "Address" or "Location" field of an Internet browser. (The EWS hanic.com.vns current versions of Netscape Navigator và Internet Explorer.)
xuất hiện hanic.com.vnhường Web Jetadmin & select the print server"s name in the danh sách of available devices or use the "Quiông chồng Device Find" field lớn find a specific IP.. address.







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