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Học các tự bạn phải tiếp xúc một biện pháp tự tin.

prediction that This fall has confirmed our prediction that confidence would soften in the wake of interest rate rises.
prediction of sth Output đầu ra will grow by only 2.2% this year, well down on last October"s prediction of 3.6%.

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prediction for sth His prediction for the economy in 2003, which many thought over-optimistic, turned out to lớn be spot-on.
It is theory tested by many individual research findings that permits the generation of predictions about program outcomes under different conditions.
We made four predictions about the possible roles of group differences, perceptual- motor ability, task difficulty, and chronological age in nonlinguistic performance.
Two determinants had a quality contribution lớn the prediction of symbolic competence: maternal depression và parent sensitivity.
The results of the two studies supported this prediction and the incrementacác mục Model upon which it is based.
We are not targeting accurate predictions in the face of drastic unseen-before changes in workload patterns.
Although neither prediction is specified in detail, we are confident they will ultimately guide new retìm kiếm.
The ultimate aim of attempts khổng lồ describe and explain any system must be lớn make testable predictions, ideally within the quantitative sầu framework of a model.
These studies made use of the serial prediction task, which requires participants lớn predict perceptual events on the basis of stimulus sequences.
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Các tự thường xuyên được sử dụng cùng rất prediction.

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The diathesis-stress/incoherent present state of mind Mã Sản Phẩm achieved the highest accurate prediction rate (four out of four).
Will he join me in welcoming the fact that that dire prediction has been proved to lớn be completely without foundation?