Naruto vs sasuke rasengan vs chidori

According lớn Kakashi, there are 5 fundamental chakra natures: fire, wind, lightning, earth, and water. Each nature is superior than another, và inferior khổng lồ a different one.

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Focusing on wind & lightning chakras, Naruto"s only nature chakra is wind, so the Rasengan must be a wind-type jutsu. Chidori, of course, is lighting. Kakashi said khổng lồ Narulớn that, using wind chakra, he cannot defeat Sasuke"s fire abilities, but against lightning, wind can easily beat his lightning jutsus.

This leads me to my question...


In the Naruto series, there are many occurrences where Narukhổng lồ clashes with Sasuke. Their battles always kết thúc with a Rasengan against Chidori blast.

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Since Rasengan is generally wind-type and Chidori is lightning, shouldn"t Rasengan easily beat Chidori? I can"t imagine how a lighting style jutsu can match, even beat a wind-style jutsus. Maybe Kishimolớn accidentally forgot about wind"s superiority over lightning, but I just want khổng lồ ask: can someone explain?

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Active Oldest Votes5The standard Rasengan has no natures associated with it. It was originally based on the Tailed Beast Ball, which is simply a dense amount of chakra directed at a target.

Eventually, Naruto adds his wind nature to Rasengan, which, in turn, creates several different variations of it. But neither of these variations are being discussed.

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However, this doesn"t mean that either Chidori or Rasengan have sầu a direct type-advantage over the other. At that point, it becomes a matter of the abilities và strengths of the wielder, và as we now understvà it...

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