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The Witcher 3 is a great looking game on its own, but these graphics mods bring its visuals lớn a whole other cấp độ.


First released in 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is still going svào even after six years. Despite its growing age, the game is still visually impressive sầu. Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement in the graphics department. Luckily, a vast selection of mods is readily available lớn give those impressive sầu visuals a more modern upgrade.

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Choosing the best mods for The Witcher 3 can be a daunting task for the uninitiated. Graphics mods vary greatly in kích thước and scope, covering just about anything that can be found in the environment, characters included. Picking the most comprehensive sầu mods, lượt thích the ones on this menu, typically gives the player the best results while also avoiding complicated load orders.

Updated September 17, 2021, by Mark Hospodar: For modding enthusiasts, finding something new lớn experiment with regarding their favorite games is exciting. In the case of The Witcher 3, mods certainly aren't limited lớn just the graphics. In fact, an intriguing new hack that's been making the rounds recently is First Person Camera Reworked.

Over the years, a handful of mods have sầu tried khổng lồ incorporate first-person functionality inlớn the game, with varying degrees of success. This thủ thuật attempts khổng lồ improve sầu upon the shortcomings of some of the first-person mods that came before it. Those interested in playing The Witcher 3 from a quality perspective may want to consider giving First Person Camera Reworked a shot.

15 HD Reworked Project


When searching for an outstanding all-in-one texture hack, the player can't go wrong with the HD Reworked Project. Standing at about 9.3 GB, this absolute monster of a mod covers a huge range of meshes & textures. The environment, terrain, buildings, vegetation, animals, & NPCs are all given a startling fresh coat of paint.

Objects not only look sharper up cthua but from a distance as well. The increased draw distance coupled with the enhanced cấp độ of detail makes everything flow together nicely. The gian lận authors also vì an admirable job of maintaining the game's original artistic vision. The mod itself can be installed as a single package or as four small parts.

14 HDMR - HD Monsters Reworked


There are plenty of monsters to be slain in The Witcher 3. If there weren't, then Geralternative text would be out of a job. Since the player inevitably spends a lot of time in the company of monstrous enemies, it's important that they look their best.

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The HDMR, or HD Monsters Reworked mod, retextures the game's various beasts and foes. Many of these meshes & textures have been rebuilt from the ground up. Once again, the overall vanilla appearance has been preserved, so nothing unfamiliar should jump out at the player. The painstaking màn chơi of detail in this mod is immediately apparent and is definitely a must-have sầu.

13 No Dirty Lens Effect


Helpful mods don't always have to be gargantuan in their scope. Sometimes, even small fixes can make a great difference. Case in point, for players who dislượt thích some of the lens effects present in the game, there exists a handy thủ thuật to lớn ease their woes.

No Dirty Lens Effect is a very simple mod. Similar to water droplets appearing on-screen when it's raining, this hack removes the bits of dirt that often accumulate on the lens. It's a minor annoyance that some players would rather see removed altogether.

12 True Fires


Lighting plays a substantial role in a game's graphics. In The Witcher 3's case, fire is the main source of light (besides the sun, of course). Undoubtedly one of the most visually impressive mods available on Nexus is True Fires.

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The models that compose the various fires are given a retexture, but that's only a part of it. The real beauty lies in the enhanced draw distance the mod establishes when it comes to lớn lighting. Light sources can now be seen from a great distance, making the overall environment much more immersive. Shadows are also given a realistic overhaul, which significantly enhances the feel of the interiors.

11 Beautiful Rocks

Most comprehensive sầu texture packs include new or reworked assets that affect the environment. But rocks, much like vegetation, deserve sầu some special attention. A good giảm giá of the terrain in The Witcher 3 is rugged, so giving the rocks a proper facelift is definitely recommended.

A good choice for this type of gian lận is Beautiful Rocks. The mod's purpose is rather self-explanatory. It upgrades the textures of the various stones & rochồng formations that are visible throughout White Orchard, Velen, Skellige, & Kaer Morhen. This mod fits quite well with the others on this danh mục.

10 Meadows - An Efflorescent Grass Mod

Rocks can't get all the love, right? From a visual standpoint, grass occupies huge swathes of the environment in The Witcher 3. However, the level of detail given khổng lồ vegetation can often be lacking in games. The Witcher 3 is assuredly showing its age in that particular department.

When looking khổng lồ spruce up the foliage it's worth considering Meadows - An Efflorescent Grass Mod. The general lushness and vibrancy of the colors when it comes lớn grass are given a noticeable nâng cấp. Plants, like the game's many varieties of flowers, also look better than ever. Frolicking through a field never looked so good!

9 More Realistic Wind Effect

Feeling immersed is what makes getting lost in a fantasy setting so enjoyable. Mods that help khổng lồ enhance a game's immersion are often great add-ons khổng lồ install, especially if that particular game has already been completed several times over.

More Realistic Wind Effect is classified as more of an immersion thủ thuật but adds khổng lồ the overall visual presentation lớn The Witcher 3. It tones down the sometimes breakneông chồng wind speeds in the vanilla game. In its place is a more natural swaying of the foliage, which subsequently makes the environment look và feel more realistic.

8 Lip Movement & High-Quality Heads

The environment can't get all the attention. Plenty of NPCs populate the game's setting, many of whom can be engaged in conversation. There are plenty of mods available that focus on individual characters, but Lip Movement & High-Quality Heads is typically a good one khổng lồ have sầu installed.

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First & foremost, the hack makes it so that the lips of NPCs now actually move sầu when speaking ambient dialogue. In addition, the details in their faces are given some much-needed priority. The shadow resolution when Geralt is engaged in dialogue is also sharpened.

7 4K Armor Textures

A witcher is nothing without his armor. The game doesn't skimp when it comes lớn offering Geralt a wide range of options regarding protection. Geralt's armor should always look its best while fighting the game's myriad beasts & monsters.

The màn chơi of detail inherent in 4K Armor Textures is truly stunning. Items made from leather and chainmail really pop, their individual elements clearly discernable. Obviously, possessing a 4K-capable system & monitor is recommended khổng lồ get the most out of this thủ thuật.

6 4K Clouds

Gaming with a 4K resolution is becoming ever more prevalent. For those with the right equipment, a game lượt thích The Witcher 3 can look gorgeous with a few 4K graphical enhancements installed. The environment, in particular, certainly has a chance to lớn shine in this regard.

Those looking to lớn add a fresh coat of paint lớn the game's sky should consider 4K Clouds. It's a retexture gian lận that any cloud-gazing enthusiast may want to lớn try. Even fans without a 4K setup will still notice a difference in the sharpness of the clouds above sầu Geralt's head.

5 Phoenix Lighting

The Witcher 3's environment wouldn't appear right without the proper lighting effects. In its current form, the game's lighting often comes across as flat or even desaturated. The subtleties inherent in a sunmix or a cloudy day are often missing in the vanilla version.

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The Phoenix Lighting thủ thuật fixes that problem by establishing a high degree of realism. Day and night cycles now behave more lượt thích they vì chưng in real life. Smaller intricacies, like the reflections that are visible in the water, are also included.

4 Super Turbo Lighting

Mods are all about options. If a particular add-on doesn't strike your fancy, there are typically quite a few worthwhile alternatives on offer. If the previous entry fails lớn impress, players may want to lớn consider Super Turbo Lighting, one of the more popular mods on Nexus.

Like any beneficial graphics mod, fans can expect a more realistic depiction of the game world's lighting with this add-on. Players can experience some truly breathtaking vistas with Super Turbo Lighting, which makes stopping và smelling the roses now and then highly recommended.

3 Tweaks

Tweaks isn't a graphics gian lận in và of itself. Rather, it unlocks the game's potential for further improvements regarding graphics. Even with the settings configured to Ultra, players with high-kết thúc PCs may find that their rig can handle even more when it comes lớn enhanced visuals.

The thủ thuật contains two added presets for the player's convenience: Supreme và Ultimate. Multiple objects displayed on the screen at the same time can all be rendered in a higher resolution as a result of this hack. It's also worth noting that certain graphics mods may require Tweaks to be already installed khổng lồ achieve sầu their fullest potential.

2 Photorealistic Reshade

If a player wishes lớn strive sầu for ultimate realism, then Photorealistic Reshade is a must-have mod. When paired with Phoenix Lighting, this gian lận creates a diverse range of crisp and vibrant effects that are arguably unparalleled in their beauty.

Colors are the focus of Photorealistic Reshade. Drab, washed-out color palettes are replaced with more striking reds & blues. As a result, images appear sharper, while the bloom effects are more noticeable. Sunsets và sunrises are bathed in golden rays that are incredibly difficult lớn ignore.

1 Wild Hunt Re-Engaged

Once again, fans don't laông xã choices when it comes khổng lồ mods, especially where reshades are concerned. When looking lớn make Geralt's environment appear as breathtaking as possible, players can't go wrong with Wild Hunt Re-Engaged.

Coupled with Super Turbo Lighting, this gian lận really does a world of wonder for the game's graphical fidelity. Some of the mod's improvements include bluer skies, greener grass, and varied weather effects to make certain areas feel more unique. Don't overlook this one when reinstalling The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released on May 18, 2015, and is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, & Nintenbởi vì Switch.

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