Granted, No Game No Life is not the easiest read due khổng lồ all the tricks that ” ” pulls off & Kamiya’s tendency to lớn make long comparisons.However, in this volume, the game that’s being played is just no fun…& it’s going to lớn continue inlớn the next.

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Sora, Shiro, & several of their (willing and unwilling) companions agree to lớn a game against the Old Deus that lives in the Shrine Maiden’s body toàn thân. The game of choice? A roll-and-move sầu game, but of course, much more complicated than Chutes and Ladders or The trò chơi of Life. There are 12 rules (plus some subrules), và even the characters get confused by all the ins-and-outs of the game. (Granted, they have sầu amnesia in regards to the game’s thiết lập.) Basically, each person starts with 10 dice, and the number of dice the player currently possesses ages them up or down. Players roll any number of dice (after which they lose one) và land on a Task written by one of the other contestants. Completing or failing a Task gains a die from them or loses one of their own. They can also choose to work in groups khổng lồ give dice lớn a teammate.

Well, that sounds relatively normal for a magical board game, but between the perverted elite người chơi siblings, stubborn Werebeasts, & the other oddballs, did you really expect the Tasks to lớn be sane? And did I mention that the total board is about as long as the continental US? And there may be a traitor in the game?

So a large part of No trò chơi No Life volume 7 is about survival, something Sora and Shiro are ill-suited for. But if you’re hoping for some really cool traps or monster-slaying, that’s not here. Much of the story is Sora & Shiro whining or Steph suffering. And if you think the novel spends much of its time on Tasks instead, well, prepare to be disappointed again. I mean, there’s not much for an author to describe when Sora’s group starts falling inlớn a volcano and has about 30 seconds before being burned to a crisp. Solve a Task, then the novel checks baông chồng with them a week or so later after Their Royal Majesties start whining about the trek again & provide some confusing sort-of explanations about the game. Again, even they aren’t sure because of their missing memories.

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So to fill in the pages between these short escapades, Kamiya features some long flashbacks & unimpressive sầu check-ins. Ever cared about the history between Ino and the Shrine Maiden? I sure didn’t. Maybe you’ll understand Chlammy and Fi’s role better than even they vì & will care about their parts. Either way, it’s a whole lotta talkin’, và I kept zoning out for something really interesting to lớn happen, some part where it’s easy to lớn understvà just what the heck is going on. Even though the ending sets up for some player vs player life-or-death confrontations, because of the group amnesia it’s hard not khổng lồ feel lượt thích there’s not going to be some sort of, “Psyche! This was all an act!” revelation. Even the rolls aren’t exciting because the siblings have managed to use speedrunner techniques khổng lồ seed the RNG. Way khổng lồ take the excitement out of a dice game.

Speaking of the siblings…if you were acutely aware of Shiro’s crush on her stepbrother, well, it’s a roaring bullhorn now. Other ecchi moments are included as usual — with Steph the usual victyên ổn — but the loli elements are not likely to go away. I have sầu to wonder if Shiro’s advances toward Sora will become more blatant despite the fact this attempt already is. And regardless of how you feel about this, at least this scene shows off some of the psychological reasoning và verbal back-and-forth the series can vì chưng so well.

Because quite frankly, No trò chơi No Life isn’t nearly as fun when talking about long thousands-of-miles treks across giả copies of Disboard. Maybe some of this will make sense when the challenge comes lớn an kết thúc, but for me, the bigger challenge was getting through this.

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Title: No Game No LifeGenre: IsekaiPublisher: Media Factory (JP), Yen Press (US)Creator: Yuu KamiyaTranslation: Daniel KomenOriginal Release Date: October 30, 2018A nhận xét copy was provided by Yen Press.