The Minister"s Secretariat (MS) plays the role of "leading the ministry" by determining the way the ministry should be headed during the planning process, making the policies of the MIC and during the process of drafting bills.quý khách đã xem: Internal affairs là gì

The MS also oversees the entire MIC & coordinates work within the ministry lớn be smoothly conducted, thereby making the ministry livelier.

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The Administrative Management Bureau (AMB) lays the foundation and framework for administration through examining necessary resources for the ministries as well as supporting them by establishing shared systems.


The Administrative Evaluation Bureau (AEB) is working together with 50 Regional offices nationwide to lớn conduct (1) administrative sầu evaluation bureau surveys, (2) policy evaluation, & (3) administrative counseling.

And as the demvà is high for switching from the conventional administrative sầu system, the AEB will work khổng lồ step up its functions even further in order to restore public confidence in administration.

The AEB’s Administrative sầu Counseling receives complaints, opinions và requests from citizens regarding the central administration.

* Administrative sầu Counseling Service(PDF)


To help local public entities ensure smooth administration, the Local Administration Bureau (LAB) works to lớn promote regional decentralization, plans & drafts regional autonomous programs, develops regional administrative systems, promotes new wide-ranging collaborations, builds a network system for Basic Resident Registers, creates energetic communities, promotes electronic autonomous bodies, internationalizes the regional cấp độ, develops và enhances regional local employee programs, & works on other wide-ranging measures.


The Local Public Finance Bureau (LPFB) drafts plans for regional finance, thereby ensuring & coordinating funds for administrative services that meet various inhabitant needs, such as arranging welfare, school education, fire defense, roads, rivers, and other forms of social infrastructure.

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The LPFB also works to lớn resize the regional financial system khổng lồ promote regional sovereignty reforms.


Local taxes are an important element of financing for prefectures & municipalities to lớn provide education, welfare, fire defense, rescue, garbage management, & various other inhabitant services. Local taxes are therefore a membership fee for the community. By enhancing and securing these local taxes, we proceed with decentralization reforms & plan và draft local taxation revisions corresponding to changes in the Japanese socioeconomic community.

Global Strategy Bureau

ICT* is a key source of growth potential and enhanced competitiveness forth Japanese economy. It will be a great driving force for achieving growth of the overall Japanese economy lớn enhance international competitiveness in the ICT field. The Global Strategy Bureau (GSB) is making strategic efforts with a global perspective sầu to facilitate retìm kiếm and development, standardization activities, and global promotion of Japanese ICTs, in the context of enhancing international competitiveness. As well, the GSB is committed to lớn making comprehensive sầu and strategic efforts to facilitate global promotion in a broad range of policy fields, including ICT policy, covered by MIC in a coordinated manner.

*Information & Communications Technology

Information & Communications Bureau

The Information & Communications Bureau (ICB) promotes the digitalization of broadcasting and advanced use of Information và Communications Technology (ICT). The ICB also works khổng lồ promote the privatization of the postal service.

Telecommunications Bureau

According khổng lồ the use of both broadbvà and di động IPhường. networks, rapid structural changes have been proceeding in the information-communications field, which has reached a major turning point.

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The Telecommunications Bureau works to further disseminate và deploy telecommunications infrastructure and promote the development of a secure and reliable environment for using information-communications infrastructure, as well as the efficient use of radio waves và establishment of a globally-advanced wireless broadbvà environment lớn handle such changes.