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If you are a lover of farming và animal husbandry, then Hay Day is for you. You will have the opportunity khổng lồ transkhung into lớn a real farmer & a small businessman when exchanging the agricultural products you make.

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The story in Hay Day is quite similar khổng lồ Homescapes. You, the main character of the game, who is living in the City. One day, you receive sầu a letter from your uncle. He asked if you wanted to lớn be a farmer? After years of working on the farm, he wants to retire to lớn travel the world. He doesn’t want lớn sell this farm, so he asks you khổng lồ go baông xã lớn your hometown và take care of it for him.

An attractive sầu offer và it didn’t take long for you to make a decision. You catch a train early the next day, return khổng lồ the countryside to start a new life. There are many interesting things waiting for you!

Hay Day – The best Android farm Game!

About Hay Day

Hay Day is a gentle, simple but equally attractive farm simulation game. The attraction of this game comes from the variety of crops, livestochồng, self-production, exchange of agricultural products. This game is suitable for players who love sầu nature và want to feel like a real farmer. You will be the master of farming, harvesting agricultural products, và finding ways to consume them lớn earn money for your farm.

Players will be immersed in the scenery of a farm in Europe. The backgrounds are mix up beautifully, impressed by the diverse colors. Moreover, the weather in the game is always beautiful for you khổng lồ grow your crops lớn the maximum. In addition, the game also offers many interesting features for virtual farmers to explore.

Hay Day is published by Supercell, creators of Clash of Clans & Clash Royale. It reached nearly 500 million downloads on the Play Store và became the most popular farming game on the platsize. Developers still regularly release updates to lớn fix bugs và add new content on Hay Day. Therefore, you definitely never get bored when setting foot in the world of the game.

Key features of Hay Day

There are many interesting things waiting for you on Hay Day. Join us lớn explore its outstanding features now.


When participating in Hay Day, you will experience all the work of a farmer including:

Grow crops, raise livestock, build a farm: you will become a real farmer. You can garden, raise livestock, trade in the harvested products by a truchồng very conveniently.Exchange, buy & sell crops & livestoông chồng with neighbors: Your farm is also connected with others, this is a good source of supply và consumption. The more neighbors you have, the more quantity consumed.Using trucks khổng lồ deliver goods: All agricultural products can be transported by truchồng for consumption easily.Decorate your farm: When waiting for livestochồng & crops to grow, you can take advantage of the time to decorate and beautify the farm. This is your time to play the role of town builder with urban constructions.

The game cleverly combines farming và breeding, with a diverse system of plants and animals. Besides, eye-catching decorations help players feel like real farmers. If you vì chưng not know anything about how lớn play the game, the game screen will provide specific & easy-to-understvà instructions for you khổng lồ access the game as quickly as possible.


Exp& your farm

At the beginning of the game, your farm is quite small. However, vị not worry too much because you have the opportunity khổng lồ expvà it. Expanding the farm means you have sầu more area lớn grow crops & build structures. You can expvà your farm using some specific resources. To unlochồng a new l&, you need khổng lồ use a combination of the following ingredients:

Lvà deedMalletMap pieceMarker stakeExpansion permit

You can find these ingredients from friends’ houses, trade them, or get them randomly at harvest, etc. Besides, if you want lớn quickly open the lands, you can buy Expansion packs.

Level up to get rewards

Besides level, reputation is another factor to lớn measure your credibility in town. Reputation points are essentially the same as experience points, which propel the game forward. It is represented by a red heart. You need to win reputation points to lớn fill up the status bar & màn chơi up. You vì chưng this by completing quests & orders from guests visiting the town.

When your reputation levels up, you get rewarded with diamonds. There are some special milestones that give you more rewards. For example, when you go to cấp độ 5 you get 5 diamonds, 10 diamonds if you reach cấp độ 10… Diamonds are definitely one of the most useful items in Hay Day so don’t forget lớn màn chơi up your reputation for more rewards.

Upgrade your silo

The silo is where you store the harvested products. As your farm expands, new crops are planted. It means you harvest more and a larger silo is needed. To nâng cấp your Silo, you need lớn use 3 things: Nail, Screw, & Wood panel. The maximum kích thước of the silo is 15000.

Complete daily quests lớn get rewards

Every day, the game has daily tasks for you to lớn persize. These tasks are very diverse, it can be harvesting agricultural products, feeding livestock, or processing harvested products,… For harvesting tasks, you need lớn take time harvesting lớn save sầu time và get the best results. For the feeding task, take the time lớn feed the pets because they are waiting for you.

After harvesting, process agricultural products inlớn other finished products lớn complete the task. You can create wool khổng lồ weave clothes, eggs khổng lồ make egg tarts, cow’s milk to make butter cakes… When completed, there will be attractive rewards. These rewards will give sầu you extra money or other attractive sầu farming materials.

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If you want lớn expvà your farm, you need lớn earn more money. The only way khổng lồ make money on Hay Day is khổng lồ sell products from your farm or trade them with friends.

There is a small stall located at the entrance khổng lồ the farm. This is a place where you can sell all products from your farm such as eggs, cakes, crops, meat, milk… Initially, each of these stalls has 6 slots to place items. You can open new slots by paying coins or diamonds.


Especially when you reach màn chơi 17, you unloông chồng the harbor. It is located on the west side of the farm, on the riverngân hàng. There is a ship that is always docked at the port lớn deliver orders. You can fulfill these orders then send them on board to ship around the world. Every 4 hours, the ship will come baông chồng và bring in new orders. If you want lớn call the ship bachồng khổng lồ port immediately, you need to pay 5 diamonds. Ship orders are not always profitable. Some of them have sầu high requirements but the remuneration is not much. Therefore, you can skip these orders.

After you successfully build the harbor, another new feature unlocked is Fishing. Moving on a small boat và reaching the fishing site, you are equipped with everything you need such as fishing rods, bait, containers. There is an old man who will teach you how to catch the fish. You just need lớn follow his instructions lớn fish.

Make friends directly in the game

Players can exp& their frikết thúc connections through Hay Day. This game allows players lớn make friends right in the game. The easiest way lớn find friends is to tóm tắt your tag with others or tìm kiếm for players by tag. Besides, you can connect with Facebook khổng lồ easily connect with friends on social networks. These friover connections will greatly assist you in collecting treasure chests or consuming the agricultural products you create. To find a lot of treasure, you can go khổng lồ the neighbor’s house lớn open the treasure chest. Persevering in opening the chest you will receive sầu unexpected items. For this reason, the more neighbors you have sầu, the more chests you can open.

Decorate your farm in your style

After earning money from growing crops, you can decorate the farm in your style. You can buy these decorative sầu items in the cửa hàng with the money you earn. These items include flowers, buildings, docks, or beautiful farm models. The higher your màn chơi, the more items unlocked. Another way for you lớn get these items is to complete the assigned tasks. High-màn chơi quests will contain many attractive sầu decorative items for you to lớn create for your farm in Hay Day.

Take advantage of the helper boy named Tom

As a farm owner, you do not work alone. Your farm has the appearance of a helper named Tom. This maid is không lấy phí & you can use this boy in so many jobs. This boy can increase the productivity of crops, livestochồng và serve farming works. Sometimes you are no longer in the game continuously, but you can leave these tasks for Tom to solve. The great thing is that he always does a good job, helping you to earn more money & experience.

Attractive sound & graphics

Besides the easy-to-operate interface & simple gameplay, Hay Day’s graphics & sound are also remarkable. The graphics in the game are very realistic and smooth. Characters are built specifically lớn help players improve their experience. The graphics of pets & plants in the game are also very detailed. It is like a picture of a peaceful village with the excitement of farming activities. Accompanied by beautiful graphics is the attractive sầu sound. Meticulously selected, gentle instrumental music will surely bring you the best moments of entertainment. Players will be immersed in a wonderful farm created by their own hands.

Why you should play Hay Day right now?

Hay Day is currently the most popular farm game on Android with millions of players around the world. What made it so attractive? Some of the reasons below will give you the answer.

Lots of fun activities

Boredom is something you never find in this game. Hay Day is a pure farm game when everything in the game revolves around the work of a farmer. However, there are countless exciting activities for you to experience. Besides the familiar activities of farmers such as farming, breeding, baking, there are many other interesting activities to explore such as fishing, mining ore, trading goods…

Great community

The large community is one of the things we’ve always loved about Hay Day. There are millions of players connecting to the game every day khổng lồ take care of their farm. Not only that, you can make friends with other people to exchange items or give them gifts. Don’t forget to lớn visit your friends’ farms to lớn see how beautiful they are.

Not a pay to win game

Honestly, there are a lot of game items that you need lớn buy in Hay Day, your farm must always be upgraded to unloông xã new features. It will cost you a lot of resources, gold, and diamonds. Of course, if you want to lớn boost your game progress, you can pay real money lớn buy diamonds và items from the game cửa hàng. However, it is still possible for you to lớn have everything in the game without spending any money.

Hay Day creates many opportunities for players lớn receive sầu gold và diamonds from daily activities in the game. Sometimes you can get great rewards by opening a chest on a friend’s farm, or getting some diamonds after you harvest crops. Overall, with hard work và a little luchồng, you can still have a comfortable playing experience without paying for items.

Cute graphics

Hay Day was released in June 2012 so we can see it as an old game on Android. There have sầu been various updates from the developer to improve the game’s graphics. Therefore, if you have sầu been with the game for a long time, you will find that everything has been designed in more detail. It can be commented that the game’s graphics are excellent. Thanks lớn the bright và cheerful 3D thiết kế, the game always brings relaxation lớn the players. Even if you’re immersed in the game for hours, you’ll always feel at ease thanks to lớn these cheerful graphics and soothing country soundtracks.

MOD APK of Hay Day

Mod features

Unlimited Money/Diamonds: You can use unlimited coins & diamonds in the game. So it’s easier than ever khổng lồ upgrade the silo and exp& your farm.Unlimited Seeds: Use unlimited seeds in the game.

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The thủ thuật may be old and inoperable. We will update it as soon as possible.


Hay Day is a popular farming game with beautiful graphics & lively sounds. If you love sầu và are curious about the farmer’s work, what are you waiting for without downloading this game right away?