The ongoing rumors & leaks for the GTA Remastered Trilogy have made fans eager to lớn revisit the 3 chiều Universe games. As a tip, while waiting for the remasters, they can try out the old games with new graphics mods.

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GTA Vice City has one of the most beautiful settings of any GTA title. Although the original game"s graphics appear outdated by today"s standards, some mods can fix this problem.

Note: This article is subjective sầu and reflects the opinion of the writer.

Five GTA Vice City graphics mods to lớn give it some sheen

5) VRTP - Vice City Retexture Project


This is an incomplete mod that ceased getting new updates in 20đôi mươi. However, it has replaced a significant number of textures in the game with higher-unique ones.

The texture unique discrepancies between this mod và the vanilla game can be seen on the hack website.

Download here

4) GTA Vice City 10th Anniversary PC Edition


GTA Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition was a remastered game with improved visuals và optimizations. It was, however, only available for Mobile devices.

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By altering the original title, this gian lận aims lớn create a PC rendition for the thiết bị di động remaster.

Download here

3) AI Enhanced Textures for Vice City


According to various reports, đoạn Clip games in the near future might use AI-enhanced graphics.

This thủ thuật for GTA Vice City uses AI-assisted technology but on a smaller scale. It replaces the vanilla textures with 4x higher chất lượng ones.

Download here

2) Project 2DFX


Of all the mods on this menu, this gian lận is considered the most essential one. It can be used with other graphics mods, but Project 2DFX is only recommended for modern hardware.

It is a collection of plugins that adds LOD coromãng cầu effects and increases object draw distances lớn make Vice City appear more realistic from afar.

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Download here

1) GTA Vice City HD Origin


This gian lận truly modernizes GTA Vice City và presents it in such a way that fans may mistake it for an official remaster. The HUD & radar have sầu been replaced with new ones in the style of GTA 4, but with the vibrant Vice City theme intact.