Women of ice and fire: gender, game of thrones and multiple media engagements


GAME of Thrones Season 7 episode 6 will officially be released this Sunday but was accidentally broadcast earlier in the week. However, fans should be wary of watching illegal streams or downloading torrent files after recent arrests & warnings from GoT network HBO.

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Game of thrones Season 7 episode 6 has been leaked

The crackdown on illegal streams is now escalating even further with a number of people being arrested for leaking an episode of the show before it was aired.

The four people from India were taken into custody earlier this week with police saying they are accused of criminal breach of trust & hanic.com.vnmputer-related offences.

Speaking to lớn the AFP news agency Deputy hanic.com.vnmmissioner of Police Akbar Pathan said: "We investigated the case and have arrested four individuals for unauthorised publication of the fourth episode from season seven,"

The case was filed by a Mumbai-based hanic.com.vnmpany who are responsible for processing and storing the TV episodes for an app, local truyền thông media said.

Game of Thrones fans were also warned last year after torrents were used lớn spread damgerous malware.

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Following the season 6 premiere, ransomware was introduced on The Pirate cất cánh to hanic.com.vnincide with the influx of users looking to download Game Of Thrones episodes.

A fraudulent quảng cáo trên internet on The Pirate bay used a pop-under advertisement to quietly redirect users and infect them with Cerber ransomware.

Security firm Malwarebytes dishanic.com.vnvered the threat, which used a victim’s vulnerable browser plugins khổng lồ silently tải về a malicious payload to a system.

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