Our picks for best Mac games might surprise you, but only if you’re still under the impression that Macs aren’t equipped lớn handle games. While Apple is known for its Apple Arcade game service, we’re specifically focusing on some of the best PC games available that you can play on your Mac, whether it’s a MacBook or an iMac.

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Once upon a time, it was true that even the best MacBooks & Macs weren’t considered gaming machines - especially because developers weren’t making games compatible with macOS. The release of the M1 iMacs và MacBooks, however, marked a distinct change in how capable these pieces of tech are in terms of game performance.

Models like the 14-inch MacBook phiên bản Pro và 16-inch Táo MacBook Pro, equipped with M1 Pro và M1 Max processors, handle tons of popular games with ease và efficiency. Macs may be known for their productivity & sleek kiến thiết, but their gaming performance is nothing khổng lồ scoff at. Plus, it’s easy to find tons of Mac games on digital storefronts that make downloading and playing a breeze.

Some of the best Mac games can be found alongside their Windows PC counterparts on Steam, which means Mac gaming is as easy as downloading through the storefront and jumping right in. Our top Mac game picks of 2022 also have sầu some overlap with the best Steam games so you’ll be able to find popular, up-to-date games with ease.

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Divinity: Original Sin 2

Widely considered lớn be one of the best role-playing games of all time, Divinity: Original Sin 2 deserves a place on any Mac gamer’s computer.

No matter your playstyle, over goals, or even ulterior motivations, Divinity adapts lớn your choices and lets you play the way you want khổng lồ. With a detailed world, rich narrative lore, & hundreds of hours’ worth of nội dung, it is a deep & entertaining game that deserves its accolades và is worth every penny.

(Image credit: CCP Games)

EVE Online

This nearly 20-year-old space MMO hasn"t missed a step with age & now with a dedicated Mac client, it"s better than ever và fully optimized for Apple"s M1 chip.

Whether it"s epic space battles or building an intricate manufacturing empire, this MMO has had nearly two decades to lớn refine its formula. And with a recently redesigned new player experience, there"s never been a better time khổng lồ get into lớn one of the most dynamic free-to-play MMOs on the PC gaming scene.

(Image credit: 2K)

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

If you are a người of strategy games, Sid Meier’s Civilization VI should be near the top of your menu. The long-lived strategy series sees you build up an empire from a tiny settlement khổng lồ a world-dominating power, with rivals to lớn crush or befriover as you chart your progress.

Should you take a scientific approach và surge ahead of your enemies technologically, or sweep them away with military might? Given the range of choices at your fingertips and the ever-changing map generation and set of opponents, no game will ever be the same.

(Image credit: Valve)

Portal Bundle

As far as puzzle games go, Valve’s Portal has acquired near-legendary status – & with good reason.

Portal was a ground-breaking title akin to lớn the Great American Short Story of Clip games. Portal 2 takes the brain-bending mechanics of its predecessor and fleshes them out into a longer, more challenging story.

It will have sầu you laughing out loud and yelling in frustration by turns, but the feeling of completing a particularly tricky level is second to lớn none. If puzzle games are your thing, then the Portal Bundle needs to lớn be in your Mac games library.

(Image credit: Unkown Worlds Entertainment)


Subnautica sees you stranded on a mysterious planet – or rather, in its seemingly endless ocean – as a small fish in a very, very big pond.

To survive, you must explore the subterranean depths and scavenge what little resources you can, but this is no easy task. Limited oxygene, unfathomable depths, & monstrous creatures make exploring an often-perilous task, but it must be done if you are to stay alive sầu. Few games combine beauty with tension so successfully.

(Image credit: ZA/UM)

Disteo Elysium: The Final Cut

If you"re a bạn of the old-school isometric RPGs of yore like Planescape: Torment và Fallout 2, then Disco Elysium has your name written all over it.

A detective story at heart, Disco Elysium features one of the most distinctive art styles of any game we can remember thanks khổng lồ its oil-painted scenes, deep story-telling, và full voice acting.

The recipient of multiple awards after its 2019 release, it"s widely considered khổng lồ be one of the best RPGs in recent memory. You can now play it in all its glory on the Mac.

(Image credit: Campo Santo)


Love stunning, slow-paced games? Firewatch could be right up your alley, or forest trail.

This picturesque puzzler is set in the Shoshone National Forest & puts you in the shoes of a fire lookout who finds himself & his supervisor embroiled in an increasingly strange mystery.

As you explore the forest, the game takes ever darker turns as you delve to the bottom of its story. Its sun-drenched environment and narrative storytelling – conducted over walkie-talkies – make it a sumptuous experience for any Mac người chơi.

(Image credit: Sega)

Total War: Three Kingdoms

You could easily just swap in any of the Total War games in this slot và it would still be legit.

While Three Kingdoms is the lachạy thử Total War addition, the recent Warhammer installments in the series (as well as the forthcoming Total War: Warhammer III) are all well represented on the Mac, as are Total War favorites Rome & Rome II.

So if you"re looking lớn dig inlớn the Total War experience, whatever your preferred period, you can easily vì chưng it on the lademo Mac.

(Image credit: Owlcat Games)

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

Making the jump from pen-and-paper, the Pathfinder RPG series was well received in 2018 with Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Now, 2020"s Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous follows up that success with an all-new adventure on the Mac.

If you"re not very familiar with the Pathfinder universe it"s not the kind of game that holds your hand until you get your bearings, but it more than makes up for that with its incredible depth of playable races and character classes.

The gameplay hasn"t changed much from Kingmaker, but the game is just as gorgeous to lớn look at – và as fun lớn play – thanks to lớn the power of the M1, M1 Pro, & M1 Max processors on the new Mac devices.

(Image credit: Supergiant Games)


What else is there to say? One of the best roguelượt thích RPGs ever is available on the Mac, and if you haven"t checked out Hades, now is the time.

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As Zagreus, the Son of Hades, your mission is to lớn reach Mount Olympus by cutting a swath through the Underworld with the help of Greek mythology"s biggest names. Throughout the game, Zagreus gains abilities, dies, and begins again in a Sisyphusean effort to lớn escape the realm of the dead.

Winner of several awards like the Critics Choice Award at the Golden Joystiông chồng Awards & Best kích hoạt at 2020"s Games Awards, this is one of the best titles going on the Mac right now.

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Elder Scrolls Online

When it comes lớn MMORPGs, Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) sometimes flies under the radar, but that doesn"t make it any less spectacular a game for that.

As the definitive sầu online Elder Scrolls experience, whether it"s PvE or PvPhường, ESO has an incredible depth of content for players to get lost in.

It also definitely has lớn be emphasized that ESO has easily one of the best PvP. experiences of any MMORPG going, even if you don"t normally lượt thích PvP.

There is nothing quite like storming a castle with 40 of your compatriots while being doused in burning oil và surviving the orgiảm giá khuyến mãi lớn contribute khổng lồ the larger military effort to rule Cyrodiil for your faction.

(Image credit: Paradox Interactive)


Stellaris is one of the best 4X strategy games ever made, so why not play it on a Mac?

Whether it"s trying khổng lồ khung alliances with other interstellar empires or dominate the chokepoints of the hyperlane network to corner the market on a strategic resource, the strategy elements here are top-notch.

Add lớn that the ability to lớn build an empire around a gestalt consciousness of insectoid devourers – who will stop at nothing until the entire galaxy is subsumed inkhổng lồ their hivemind – and you have a strategy game with incredible depth and endless replayability.

Just watch out for those Fallen Empires on the periphery of your tên miền...

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Just so you didn"t think that all the best Mac games were strategy và RPGs, we really recommover you check out Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

In addition to lớn being one of the best action games ever, Shadow of the Tomb Raider is absolutely gorgeous with its sprawling exotic locales & spelunking goodness.

It"s the last installment of the Tomb Raider reboot but, fortunately, all the previous installments are also available, so there"s no better time to lớn dive sầu into Lara Croft"s redemptive sầu reboot trilogy than with that brvà new Mac you just got.

(Image credit: Limbic Entertainment)

Tropico 6

When it comes lớn đô thị builders, Tropiteo 6 is about as good as you"ll find this side of Pharaoh.

As El Presidente of a totally-not-Cutía Caribbean island, it"s up to lớn you lớn raise your small isl& nation up khổng lồ greatness by exporting raw materials, fending off imperial capitalists, and avoiding peasant revolutions over unpaid wages.

When in doubt, always listen khổng lồ Trotsky.

(Image credit: Red Hook)

Darkest Dungeon

Easily one of the best Lovecraft-inspired games ever made, Darkest Dungeon is the kind of game that rewards masochism.

Be prepared to lớn fill a graveyard with heroes. Abandon quests to save sầu favorites. Watch your crew slowly fall apart under the stress of adventuring in a non-Euclidean nightmare.

Then dump them in a brothel & tell them khổng lồ get over it before throwing them baông xã into lớn the phối lớn seal up some cyclopean horror your ancestor unleashed unkhổng lồ the world in his hubris. Macs were made for this moment, don"t let them tell you differently.

(Image credit: Techland)

Dying Light

When it comes lớn zombie games, there are few that rise to lớn the màn chơi of Dying Light.

The parkour-slash-melee-zombie-brawler-or-something is easily one of the best action games out there. Even after several years it looks amazing and hasn"t lost a step in terms of gameplay.

If you"re looking for some zombie-killing action on a Mac, this is definitely the game for you. Understandably, this game is a bit more demanding than most, so we wouldn"t recommover anything less than the M1 chip for this one.

(Image credit: ConcernedApe)

Stardew Valley

If you love sầu px art và farming simulation games, Stardew Valley should be on your radar. You can customize your character’s appearance & home page with tons of different decorative sầu items lớn choose from.

You can choose lớn rebuild your grandfather’s farm khổng lồ its previous glory, or choose a more capitalist route by partnering with the corporation that’s moved inlớn the valley.

Though this RPG originally released in năm 2016, it’s had consistent updates - through December 2021 - that make it a must-play for simulation game fans. You can also play with up to 3 of your friends on co-op farms to lớn nội dung resources và rebuild the farm at a faster pace.

(Image credit: Facepunch Studios)


Rust made its debut in December 2013 & is now in its eighth year, having had over 300 content updates & a guaranteed nội dung patch each month. The goal in Rust is lớn survive despite the odds, as pretty much everything in the world wants khổng lồ kill you. This survival action-RPG MMO allows for cross platsize multiplayer, but most players will kill you on site.

Truthfully, Rust can be a bit of a grind & a bit frustrating, but once you get the hang of it và make allies by joining clans it becomes a truly compelling game. chú ý, this game is not for the faint of heart & is rated “Mature” due khổng lồ blood và nudity. If you can handle that, Rust may be an excellent choice for your Mac gaming adventure.

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