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Playing games in English is a great way to lớn help your children develop confidence and fluency, while having fun with the language! As a parent, you are in the perfect position lớn encourage your children to lớn love English from an early age. You can vì this at home through interesting games & activities, even if your own English isn’t 100% perfect. We’ve written this guide to lớn help you!


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Why Use Games to Help Your Child Learn English?

The best time khổng lồ start learning English is in childhood. Kids learn languages much faster than adults, và a skill built in childhood is a skill that stays with us for life. It’s about developing good language-learning habits early on và encouraging your child lớn use English to vì fun things every day.

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Formal lessons are important, but children can easily get tired of studying in a traditional classroom. Textbooks and tests are useful, but khổng lồ get children really interested in studying English, it needs to lớn be engaging and interesting lớn them!

Luckily, the internet is now full of excellent resources for learning English at home. There are dozens of websites khổng lồ help you find fun worksheets, interactive books, videos, and most importantly, games! Many of them provide không lấy phí content, making it easy to lớn get your children excited about learning English!

Most of the available resources online are in American English, but we have included a balance of websites from the UK, USA, và even Australia! Listening khổng lồ English in a variety of different accents will give your child a better ear for picking up new words, and will build a better understanding of native speech across the English-speaking world.

Our đứng top 10 Websites with English Games for Kids



This website should be your first stop for teaching your children English at home! As well as simple và clear resources for learning spelling and grammar, this website has loads of great games, puzzles and activities. These are sorted into over 70 topics from animals, space and football to lớn traditional British stories and songs!

Best of all, this trang web has several forums where you can speak to other parents who are teaching English khổng lồ their children. Your children can also meet other kids from around the world who are learning English at home!

Try the “Your Turn” feature, where the site will ask about a particular topic, such as Halloween, summer holidays, or swimming. Your child can write comments telling others what they think of it! “Getting started for parents” is an excellent page if you’re teaching your children at trang chủ for the first time.

Our favourite game: We really enjoyed the Space Adventure! Lots of words in English look different but sound the same, so you have khổng lồ listen very carefully lớn succeed in this adventure! How far can you get? Give it a try!

Suggested age range: 3-16 years


CBeebies is the children’s channel of the BBC, the state-run television & radio broadcasting company in the UK. Their website allows you lớn watch many of their shows for free, as well as having hundreds of games và activities for younger children! Many of their shows are designed for babies who are just beginning to learn language, especially Teletubbies, one of the top-rated shows in the world for teaching babies to talk!

Try the “Join In” feature, where kids can enter their art, singing and pets into competitions! The “Radio” feature offers lots of great shows and songs in clear, easy-to-listen English, which could be useful to lớn put on while doing other activities!

Our favourite game: We had fun making our own pirate and looking for treasure in My Swashbuckle Adventure! The trò chơi has a fun story that’s easy to read! Who doesn’t like being a pirate?

Suggested age range: 0-9 years

If your child seems bored with a game or activity, change it up – the goal with games is to lớn have fun! If your child really isn’t having fun, try making a trò chơi or an activity into a friendly competition. Most kids will jump at the chance to lớn win a trò chơi against Mum or Dad! 


PBS is America’s top không tính tiền broadcasting company, và their website allows you khổng lồ watch dozens of shows for free, as well as having hundreds of games & activities! Much lượt thích Cbeebies, it has several shows for babies and young children who are just learning to talk! There are loads of games focused on reading, maths, music và science!

Try the “Hard Games” feature for older kids who want more challenging activities! The “PBS Parents” page will give you loads of tips for teaching your children at home, and always has seasonal advice for how lớn celebrate different American holidays with your kids!

Our favourite game: Digging deep in the “Dinosaur Finder” khổng lồ look for fossils is very exciting! You never know which dinosaurs you’re going khổng lồ find. Some of them are very difficult khổng lồ pronounce, even for native speakers, but they’re lots of fun khổng lồ read about.

Suggested age range: 2-12 years 


Nickelodeon is a great international children’s TV channel! On their website, you can watch thousands of hours of cartoons & kids’ TV in English, for free! Each show has several games attached, so your children can play with their favourite characters! The Nick Play tiện ích makes it easy to lớn watch shows và play games on the go!


For younger kids, try Spongebob Squarepants or Avatar: The Last Airbender. Older children và teenagers might enjoy Drake và Josh or iCarly!

Our favourite game: “It’s Pony: Coin Collector” is difficult, but you can get a super high score if you keep trying hard! Can you keep count of all the coins?

Suggested age range: 6-15 years

Play with your child in English! Your children look up lớn you và want to lớn spent time doing activities with you. If you don’t show any interest in their English studies, they may be less motivated khổng lồ learn the language! Look at the games và websites with your children, talk about them together, and play some games or do some crafts together! 


Bluey is a popular Australian show about a family of dogs! Their trang web allows you khổng lồ watch many episodes and clips from the show for free, as well as having loads of games, crafts và activities! There are regular competitions và challenges for your kids to take part in too! 

Try the “Make” feature for crafts, colouring pages, và even recipes to vì chưng some cooking together! Find competitions, challenges, and games for the whole family on the “Grown-Ups” page!

Our favourite game: We love bouncing balloons with Bluey’s family in “Keepy Uppy!” It’s a lot of fun khổng lồ play in real life too! Try practising your vocabulary by saying a different animal or colour every time you tỷ lệ thoát the balloon.

Suggested age range: 5-10 years 


ABC kids is another great kids’ broadcasting company hosting shows from America, nước australia and the UK. Find famous top-rated educational programmes like Peppa Pig and Sesame Street, play games in English with your children’s favourite characters, and make loads of cool arts & crafts! The website can be used on desktop or, through apps, on a tablet or smartphone!

Try “Andy’s Wild Workouts” to practise English, learn about different places in the world, & get some exercise! Listen khổng lồ the “Lullabies” channel khổng lồ learn some songs in English for the kết thúc of the day.

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Our favourite game: The “Sesame Street Alphabet Hunt” is very challenging because the letters are very cleverly hidden! This is a great game if your native language doesn’t use the same alphabet as English. Learning the shapes & sounds of English letters is an important first step.

Suggested age range: 0-12 years

Focus on your child’s interests! Children often struggle to lớn find English interesting on its own, but will engage much better if you use English as a tool lớn explore things they already like. Several of the websites listed here will sort games by topic, so you can focus on activities about sports, animals, space, music etc. Remember to lớn focus on what your child likes best lớn get them excited about learning English!


The Beano is one of the most popular children’s magazines in the UK, & it can be just as much fun for children learning English as a second language! The website has over a hundred games in English, starring the characters from the magazine, as well as loads of games, jokes và quizzes.

Try the “Jokes” feature to lớn find thousands of jokes in English hat will make you laugh. The “Help Hacks” feature has lots of interesting articles and videos made by kids about animals, school & friendship.

Our favourite game: You have khổng lồ move very carefully lớn win at “The Bash Street sketchbook”, & you need khổng lồ read the instructions very carefully khổng lồ make sure you don’t get caught in a trap!

Suggested age range: 6-12 years


Highlights is a popular children’s magazine in America which often features stories, songs & articles written by children. The trang web has dozens of games và hundreds of activities, most of which are also available on the Highlights Kids app! Look out for Goofus & Gallant, a famous series of comics about two boys – one demonstrates good manners in America, & one is very badly behaved indeed!

Try the “Explore” feature, where you can learn about science and history in English! Look for the links to “Highlights Parents”, where you can find lots of great không tính phí resources & advice for teaching your children English at home!

Our favourite game: A lot of the “Hidden Pictures” are very funny, & they can introduce you to lớn many interesting new words! Can you find a slice of pizza on the moon?

Suggested age range: 10+ years

Don’t spend too long on one game! Children have much shorter attention spans than adults and get bored quickly. Remember lớn jump between different games & activities lớn keep your child interested. Spend around 5 minutes on a particular game or activity, then change. Don’t feel that you need to lớn push your child to study English for hours each day. Regularity is much more important, so it’s a great idea lớn make English games part of your child’s daily routine.

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Funbrain is a website full of games, books and videos to use when teaching English, maths and problem-solving. Furthermore, they’re divided by grade, making it easy to find activities for your child based on their age & English ability. This website introduces new material almost every week, so there are always new games for you & your children to try!

Try the “Pre-K Playground”, which has visual games aimed at children under 3 years old lớn help them learn colours, shapes, and animals. The “Reading” tab allows you to read full children’s books completely free.

Our favourite game: “Math Baseball” can be very easy or very challenging – it’s up lớn you! If you can read all of the problems and answer them correctly, you might score a trang chủ run!

Suggested age range: 2-13 years


Cambridge university, in England, is perhaps the number one institution in the world for teaching English. It’s most famous for its English assessments for adults, but they have resources for kids too. They have a range of free games for children who are learning English that get steadily more difficult the more you do. The games work on a desktop or a tablet, so you can play them anywhere!

The “A1 màn chơi activities” are the best place to lớn start for beginners! The “Sing và Learn” videos are also great for younger children! 

Our favourite game: Who doesn’t like the holidays? “Special Days” allows you khổng lồ see lots of fun places and activities if you listen carefully! 

Suggested age range: 5-15 years

Don’t just sit at the computer! Children have a lot of energy and lượt thích to be active. All of the websites listed here work on sản phẩm điện thoại as well as desktop, so take your phone or ipad tablet out into the garden, or khổng lồ the park, & make physical games part of your daily English routine!

Online Teachers UK offers specialised English lessons for kids via Skype. Tương tác us today to see how we can help your child develop their English speaking, confidence & general fluency from the comfort of your own home!