Clash of Clans is a popular video game available for both Android và iOS device users. But, recently many players have sầu experienced & conveyed about the Clash of clans won’t load Android issue. Thus, if you are one of them, then keep on reading this post. In this article, you will learn 7 feasible solutions to lớn solve how lớn fix Clash of Clans not loading Android phones or Clash of Clans not loading on Android.

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Let’s get started with the fixes…

How To Fix Clash Of Clans Not Loading On Android Phone?

Cheông xã out the below-mentioned fixes và troubleshoot Clash of Clans not loading Android 2021 with ease.

Fix 1: Chechồng Your Internet Connection

As we all know, online games need a stable internet connection to run flawlessly. But, if you don’t have good network strength, you may come across several kinds of errors.

Similarly, it is possible that Clash of Clans not responding or loading due to a weak network. So, you need lớn ensure that your mạng internet connectivity is working fine.

Suppose if you are using Mobile data lớn open and play the game then turn it OFF & again turn it ON. If still your game won’t load then switch to Wi-Fi.

Fix 2: Restart Your Android Device

In my previous post, I have already recommended that whenever you experience any kind of errors or bugs in your điện thoại thông minh, just restart your device. This action can fix all types of freezing/crashing issues và also increase the performance of your device as well.

To reboot your Android, simply press a Power button on your phone và hold it for a few seconds. Once a menu appears on the screen along with Power nguồn Off option, simply choose the Restart option from it. And that’s it…now your phone will restart itself.

Once your phone restarted successfully, check if Clash of Clans stuchồng on loading screen 2022 issue is solved or not. If not then try the next method.


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Fix 3: Clear Cađậy Files Of App To Fix Clash Of Clans Not Loading Android

Continuously running any application creates cađậy files which can be responsible for different kinds of errors.

Maybe Clash of Clans not loading Android 2021 is occurring due to lớn cađậy data of the tiện ích. So, clearing out the cache and data of the phầm mềm can help you lớn solve sầu this problem.

Follow the beneath instructions to lớn clear the cabít và data of the Clash of Clans app:

Open Settings on your Android phone.Then, cliông xã on the Apps & Notifications.


Again, tap on the See all apps > choose Clash of Clans > Storage và Cache.Finally, hit the Clear Cache or Clear Storage.

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This action will delete all the temporary cache files stored in the tiện ích và tackle the situation.

Fix 4: Update The Clash of Clans Game

In most of the cases, using an outdated version of the app can cause different issues in your phone. So, if your Clash of Clans stuck on loading screen then first of all make sure that you are using the updated version of the Game.

If the tiện ích is not updated then follow out these easy steps lớn update the game.

How To Install The Latest Version Of Clash Of Clans Game?

Open Google Play Store ứng dụng on your phone.Search Clash of Clans phầm mềm in the tìm kiếm bar.If any Update button is available beside the ứng dụng, tap on it.


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Fix 5: Update The Android To The Lachạy thử Version

Sometimes, using an outdated version of the OS throws different errors & puts you into trouble.

Likewise, it is possible that you are getting this issue due to the outdated Android OS. Hence, you need khổng lồ update the Android OS khổng lồ the lachạy thử version lớn get rid of Clash of Clans not loading 20đôi mươi issue.

Ensure your điện thoại thông minh is connected to the Wi-Fi.Launch Settings >> choose About Phone.Clichồng Software Updates If any update is available, you will see a tải về và install
option. Simply tap on it.


Once the OS update process is over, reboot your Smartphone.

Fix 6: Uninstall And Re-install The Game

If you are continuously getting the Clash of Clans won’t load after update then try reinstalling the phầm mềm. This kind of issue usually appears when the game file gets corrupted.

In such a situation, uninstalling and re-installing the problem-causing tiện ích can help lớn fix different sorts of issues related lớn the tiện ích.

To uninstall và reinstall the Clash Of Clans game app, here’s the step by step guide:

Step 1: At first, exit the Clash Of Clans game

Step 2: Then, open your phone’s Settings và clichồng on Apps

Step 3: Again, make a tap on Games Application Ibé và then choose “Uninstall

Step 4: Now, restart your Android device

Step 5: After that, open your Play Store app and simply reinstall the Clash Of Clans game then launch it.


Now, go baông chồng to lớn the game settings và sign in lớn the Supercell ID in order to lớn load the progress.

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Fix 7: Contact The Supercell Support Team

Last but not the least, if none of the above solutions helped you to resolve COC stuông chồng on loading screen on sản phẩm điện thoại then the last option left for you is – liên hệ the Supercell Support Team. They surely help you khổng lồ fix this issue without any difficulty.