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Official FIFA Online 4 Vietnam trang chủ page has opened a key program lớn participate in testing FIFA Online 4 with a very simple way.

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According lớn the official announcement, FIFA Online 4 will be launched in Vietnam sometime before June 2018, released before the 2018 World Cup Finals held in Russia begins. FIFA Online 4 will own the Engine platform used to lớn produce FIFA 17, creating the most realistic graphics, attractive content and gameplay, creating a different attraction than the FIFA Online 3 version.

And before the expectations of the gamers, the official homepage of FIFA Online 4 Vietnam also opened the event to give the key khổng lồ participate in the test of Online Online Close Beta 4. Detailed information will be in the article below. .

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Download FIFA Online 4

Instructions to receive the latest FIFA Online 4 key

Step 1:

First of all, please visit the link below to lớn go khổng lồ FIFA Online 4 Vietnam website lớn receive FIFA Online 4. Key then click on Key FO4 CBT .


Step 2:

After that, click on the Receive Key FO4 Closed Beta section khổng lồ get the key from the program.


After that, users need khổng lồ login to Garena account khổng lồ join the program, or you can log in to lớn Garena trương mục right from the beginning.


When returning to lớn the participating interface, you will receive a Key FO4, then click on the Receive Key FO4 Closed Beta entry. Users will see the message to receive the key as shown below.


Daily key FO4 delivery time is 10 am, 14 pm & 18 pm. If all the keys are played during this time frame, we will see the message that the current program is stopped and will continue playing the FO4 key in the next hour frame as shown below. Please wait until the next time frame and come back lớn receive the key.


Step 3:

After receiving the FO4 key, we click on FIFA Online 4 activation .

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Finally enter the key you received và press the Confirmation button below. Each account will have its own key and this key can only be used once.

After receiving the key và activating, the player will receive 150 million EP into FO3 account. If you chia sẻ this information on Facebook, the system will give you 50 million more EPs.


The user will receive a successful activation key as shown below.


The old way: Currently, this method has run out of key receiving program

1. Challenge 150 hours online khổng lồ receive FIFA Online 4 key

We access the site lớn join the program under the links below.

The first 5,000 people to complete the challenge for a continuous 150 online FIFA Online 3 online hours, from 0:00 on February 6, 2018, will receive each trương mục a FIFA Online 4 Close Beta key.


2. Chemistry of C. Ronaldo

The first 15,000 people successfully upgraded Ronaldo +10 on the page, without beating the in-game card, will receive each tài khoản a FIFA Online Beta Close 4. Key When upgrading from +2 to lớn +10, you will have a random chance at every successful thẻ hit to receive a Close Beta key but only get it once.

Players will need to lớn play 3 matches at FIFA Onine 3 to lớn give 1 card hit. After you receive it, you need khổng lồ upgrade and return khổng lồ the next game to proceed with the upgrade.

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When the thẻ is successfully hit, you will receive the gift at that level & when it does not beat successfully, there is no need to restart from the beginning. Each player will only receive 1 key. So if you received from before +10, you will not receive more.


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I wish you all success!