I Wanna Be The Boshy Download


I Wanna be the Boshy is a fun & engaging single player game. The game is complicated và super difficult lớn complete. But that is exactly why the game has such a magnetic appeal. The comfortable 2 chiều interface of the game has a classic retro feel. Which is a positive sầu for any arcade tín đồ.

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Name:I Wanna be the Boshy
Size:14 MB
Compatibility:Windows (All Versions)
Security:Checked – Virus Free

The game requires hours of commitment to lớn master it. And with the world in lockdown, the game can be an excuse to utilise those hours. Unfortunately, the game has not been in active sầu development for a while. Still, it can be played on devices quite easily. There is no reason to wait then.


The most important parts of the game are its four different modes. The creators really did not hold baông chồng when developing it. And each of these modes comes with multiple levels that is more a little strenuous to pass.

The modes within the game includes- Ez-mode, Totally Average-mode, Hardon-mode, and You’re Gonna Get Raped modes. The toughness of the game increases gradually from Ez mode lớn You’re Gonna Get Raped mode. With no option skip, players need to lớn complete a level before being able lớn move on.

Luckily, you will be given a proper introduction to lớn the game at its start. The controls are easy to piông xã up. Move horizontally from one edge of the screen lớn another. Jump over the obstacles on your path or duchồng under it. The game has been divided inlớn multiple scenes. With the players having the chance to lớn meet several new characters in-game. This includes popular characters from other gaming series or popular culture. Thus there will be lots of easter eggs to discover as well.

Features of the game

There are plenty of reasons lớn fall in love with the game. It is entertaining and can keep you occupied for days on end.

The game always keeps you guessing. There is no chance of knowing what awaits you in the next step. From secret traps khổng lồ Boss fights, things occur suddenly. And they come thick và fast at you. There is not much time lớn react at all.It provides you with multiple hidden rewards. You can stumble on them while running. Or if you have sầu really keen eyes can spot them out. These rewards can be used within the game khổng lồ boost your chances of completing a cấp độ.The game is littered with references. They are easy lớn piông chồng most of the time. As popular figures keep dropping from time to lớn time, the game gives you no dull moment. There are also several other characters in-game khổng lồ help you or distract you.You will be able lớn find four extremely challenging modes within the game. They are tough but immerse you right in. You fight with your supervisors in each mode. The four modes are very different from one another and you need boosts like izy-squares lớn complete them easily.

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System Requirements

Before getting the game it is always prudent to check its requirements. But relax, there is not much that you will need for I Wanmãng cầu be the Boshy

The game can run on just about any OS. You could choose to lớn play it on Windows XPhường. or higher. And luckily it is compatible with the latest Windows 10 as well.A very basic Intel Pentium IV 1.4 GHz will prove sầu lớn be sufficient for the game.You will need only 512 MB RAM for the game. While 500 MB of space of Hard Drive sầu should be enough as well.

Download I Wanna be the Boshy

Getting the game on your device is simple & effortless. It is available extensively on the website. However the following steps might help as well.

Search for the game on a torrent site. It is a popular game with streamers, so it would not take long lớn tải về.The game will be downloaded in a zipped format. You will have sầu lớn extract it lớn the thư mục of your desire.After the extraction, tìm kiếm and launch the cài đặt file. This should begin the installation automatically.Just accept the terms và conditions và follow the steps along. Click on Finish, after the installation is completed. I Wanmãng cầu be the Boshy, will be ready for use.

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