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ABOUT THIS GAME The lakiểm tra in the tactical hunting action game “The Attacking Giant” series, which is based on the world view of the popular movie “The Attacking Giant”.

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You can experience the death of Ai Lian và others who are against the “giant” of the cannibal, & the huge plot of the original. Realizes the sense of play as if the player is không lấy phí khổng lồ manipulate animated characters.

In the world of this “attacking giant” with a soldier’s thorns và thorns! !

The “Attacking Giant” series is the lademo in Windows! Players can participate in the world of “Attacking Giants” as a soldier & experience the action game of the ultimate evolutionary giant!

■ Enjoy the thrill of hunting through three-dimensional maneuvering The sense of freedom of không tính phí movement in the sky is greatly increased! The addition of a “xạ thủ attack” that can be slammed from a distance in the distance, and a “hook drive” that can be slammed at a high tốc độ to the back of the giant to lớn make a big damage, has made the three-dimensional maneuver evolution more diverse.

■ The fear of the giant is approaching. The giant is approaching! The action or reaction of the giant will be more threatening & forced khổng lồ the player. If the “dangerous state” is triggered, it means that the dangerous level has reached the peak. Giants will carry out svào attacks such as collisions or flying & will put the battlefield in an extremely tense state.

■It is like an immersive sầu story, an overwhelming sense of presence . It is based on the plot of the TV animation Season 2, and the original version of the game version written by the original teacher Lushan. The nội dung has increased significantly compared to the previous one, allowing players lớn immerse themselves in the world of “attaông chồng giants”. In addition, the story unfolded from the perspective of the original protagonist will make the player feel lượt thích he is in the world.

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■ The number of controllable characters has increased dramatically The previous 10-bit steerable character has been greatly increased to lớn 37 in this game! Enjoy the fighting fun with your favorite original characters.

■ Communicate with the original character khổng lồ deepen the friendship in the “everyday part”, you can see the role of the costumes & the usual unspeakable side. After deepening friendship through exchanges, the partners will assist the protagonist with “teammate action”, or they can experience the special story of each role. Deepen your friendship with your favorite characters and go to the battlefield.

How khổng lồ Install Game?

1. Cliông xã on “Download Game” button. 2. Download “Attack on Tirã 2” Installer (Supports Resumable Downloads). 3. Open the Installer, Click Next & choose the directory where to lớn Install. 4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory. 5. mở cửa the Game and Enjoy Playing.

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If you face any problem in Running “Attachồng on Titung 2” then please feel không lấy phí to lớn bình luận down below, I will reply as soon as possible.

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