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Disney Infinity truly begins when the adventure mode ends.

Disney Infinity 3.0’s adventure mode is unlikely to lớn offer value for money on its own. It’s the toy box trò chơi creator where the fun really begins. Start your trò chơi creation journey here and now.

Although many focus on the play mix adventures, it’s actually the Toy Box (dating back to 2010’s Toy Story 3) that sparked Disney’s toys-to-life project. It’s here that players now have không tính phí reign not only lớn create their own adventures but also combine any franchise và character.

Getting to lớn grips with the Toy Box does take a little time and some patience, but it’s essential. Here’s how to do it.

Buying the Toy Box


Above: The Good Dinosaur is already in Toy Box.

You can access Toy Box in a variety of ways, if you have any version of Disney Infinity in your shelf you already own it. It has improved each year, to access the latest 3.0 version there are a few options.

If you have purchased any version of Disney Infinity 3.0 starter pack, the Toy Box mode is included. If you don’t already have a new starter pack, a few cheaper alternatives are available.

On PC, iOS, (and soon on TV OS) a không tính phí download can get you started. This version usually lags behind the console Toy Box but still offers all the basic features — currently PC & iOS are on 2.0 while console is on 3.0.

On consoles, you need to lớn buy the game, unless you are on Wii U, where the 1.0 version is available for không tính phí and just needs the purchase of an Infinity Base peripheral. Otherwise, the choice is a Starter Pack or tải về of the trò chơi on PlayStation 4 or PS3, Xbox One or Xbox 360, or Wii U.

Here again, if you are unsure about investing heavily, you can purchase an older version of Disney Infinity for much less lớn try the Toy Box out. The older versions have fewer helper features than more recent iterations, but the basics are the same. Old creations can leap forward to the newer trò chơi when you upgrade.

Getting Started


Above: The man himself can greet players in the Toy Box.

Image Credit: Disney Interactive

The toy box is the part of Disney Infinity where you can mix and match any characters. The play-set adventures limit characters to lớn a particular universe with the toy box stand alone games sit somewhere in-between the two. This means you can use any Disney Infinity character in these games, old và new, và again find some bargains second hand.

To start, select Toy Box Hub from the main menu & access the tutorial area. It’s worth spending some time here working through the different tasks as this introduces the basics of the toy box functions in a systematic & playful way.

Not all the toy box items are unlocked at the beginning, only a small fraction. Some items will be made available as you complete the play set adventures và toy box tutorials. Other items can be purchased as required.

The tutorial revolves around the central fountain zone where you have colored pads khổng lồ select và a mix of host characters. Again it’s worth talking lớn each character in turn to lớn get a feel for what’s on offer here.

On Main Street U.S.A. The El Capitan Theater enables you to see what other people have created. Flynn’s Arcade offers online multiplayer challenges. The Sidekick zone introduces how the in-game helpers can assist you.

Once you have worked through these basics, unlocked more items và have a good feel of the basics you are ready to lớn create your first toy box world.

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Creating a Toy Box


Above: Even the Kingdom Hearts’ Keyblade makes an appearance in the Toy Box.

Image Credit: Disney Interactive

The basic process of creating a toy box is the same each time, although the resulting games will differ greatly. It’s important lớn keep things tidy & work systematically, particularly for more complex creations. Planning things out in advance on paper can also help.

In the Toy Box menu select New Terrain Toy Box, this gets the game to generate a starting world for you rather than doing this by hand.

To populate this terrain with features you need to lớn pull up the Editor menu. This is accessed differently on each platform. On PlayStation 4 you click down the touchpad, while on Xbox One you press the option button.

This displays a palette of the items available to you. These are grouped into different categories determined by their appearance and function in the game.

Select an tòa tháp to place it individually, or use one of the toy box Helper characters lớn build something for you. This generates a wide range of interactive structures — castles, treehouses and the like. They can take a while khổng lồ get started so if you don’t see any result straight away just give them a minute or two while you carry on with other elements of your creation.

Alongside the helpers you can use the Builders and Creators section to địa chỉ in larger generated features such as towns, castles and racetracks. Here you select the required feature and mark out an area in the world by dragging the blue cordon.

In the Editor mode you can then go in & select an thành công to adjust its position & dimensions. Alternatively you can get a player’s eye view of the world by selecting the Spark Mode — pressing left on the D-Pad — khổng lồ fine tune the experience. Using the magic want you can get more fine tune control of the created items as well as see how they will work for a player.

Adding game mechanics

With the basic toy box world complete you can now địa chỉ special items that create interactivity. This can be as simple as placing the Sky Changer toy from the Instant Fun mix that lets players flip through different visual themes for the sky. Or it can be a more complex Creativi-toy item.

The Trigger Area creativi-toy chiến thắng for instance enables things to happen when the player enters a certain location in the world. This requires the first steps of actually programming your world.

With the Wand control selected Creativi-toys can have connections made lớn other interactive elements. Making a connection between the Trigger Area to the Sky Changer you can make the environment theme change when the player enters a certain area.

This basic premise opens the door lớn all manner of interactions và dramatic effects. As more Creativi-toys are unlocked the options grow exponentially. Using Creativi-toys and other objects you can create classic trò chơi modes as diverse as fetch quests, races, battles & even sports games.

In this year’s version of the toy box new options have been added lớn extend this further – new active triggers, dynamic paths for objects, music and sound effects. You can even use Activi-toy doors to connect different toy box worlds together for multi-location adventures with interior và exterior spaces.

The cấp độ of complexity and options can be a little bewildering at first and it is worth taking on guidance from a variety of sources. In addition to lớn the in-game tutorials there are a wide range of resources available online but none better or more comprehensive than the series of Tips và Tricks on Disney’s own Infinity channel:

Toy Box learning


Above: Olaf chills in the Toy Box.

Image Credit: Disney Infinity

If you’ve made it this far in your toy box journey you are not only having fun playing a video-game but learning transferable programming techniques, logical thinking, planning and creative world design. The toy box mode has been used in a variety of educational settings in this way.

To get the most out of the toy box certainly requires plenty of time and investment, but the results can be impressive. For some this investment has paved the way to developing games commercially — user created toy boxes that have become popular in the community have led lớn some creators even being employed by Disney Interactive.

Disney Infinity has many strings khổng lồ its bow, the toy box is by far the most impressive (and cheapest) và offers an experience unrivalled by its toys to life competitors.

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