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Kingdom Rush MOD APK (Unlimited Money) is one of the best tower defense games on điện thoại with about 441000 ratings on Google Play.quý khách đang xem: Kingdom rush hacked

Overview information

NamePackagePublisherCategoryVersionSizeMOD FeaturesRequires
Kingdom Rush android.kingdomrush
Ironhide Game Studio
Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Android 4.0

About Kingdom Rush

This game is the first sản phẩm of the tower defense game series of Ironhide trò chơi Studio, released for không tính phí on the App Store on October 1, 2012, & next is the Android version in May 2013.

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With the huge number of players every day, it is no surprise that the game won the first prize at the Videogame competition held in Uruguay in 2013. If you love strategy games, especially tower defense games, Kingdom Rush is a great choice that you can not ignore. Before you install, please go down lớn the article section khổng lồ find out some interesting things about this game.

You my also love sầu Kingdom Rush Origins version.

2 chiều graphics


The graphics of Kingdom Rush are pretty well designed in a simple 2 chiều world. Thanks to that, the game runs easily on all Android & iOS devices. The game transforms the entire experience of the player from the PC version khổng lồ di động devices, so you can hardly find the difference between the two versions. Orcs và monsters in the game are quite small but still have the characteristics to help players distinguish. The game is particularly concerned with the sound, which is demonstrated by the fact that they have sầu invited Sean Crisden lớn voice the game.



The map of the game is quite large, but you only need lớn care about the main road because the monsters will attachồng that way. Each màn chơi kiến thiết “Strategy Points” at fixed positions, where you can place defensive towers. There are four basic tower types khổng lồ choose from including Ranged Towers (also known as Archer Towers), Barracks Towers, Mage Towers, & Artillery Towers. In addition, the game also has eight other special types of tower purchased with cash. In addition to building towers, you can sumtháng warriors and mercenaries or even use ancient spells.

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The defense tower will help you stop the attacks of monsters. Remember, you are not allowed let a boss khủng khổng lồ pass your base. If the Boss crosses the kết thúc of the path (defensive sầu point), the game will over and you have sầu lớn start from the beginning. At some time, you will realize that your towers are not svào enough to stop the monsters, that is when you need to nâng cấp your towers.



When playing Kingdom Rush, the player encounters nearly 100 different enemies such as Orc, Goblin, Yeti, Dark Slayer … In it, the Goblin is the weakest và most comtháng enemy in the first màn chơi. They have only 50 HP.. và are easily killed by almost everything you have sầu. So, instead of trying to upgrade the tower, you should build more towers & summon more warriors to clean Goblin faster. Each type of enemy has its own weakness, you need khổng lồ find their weaknesses khổng lồ have sầu the right tactics.



In addition to lớn the defensive towers, the heroes play an important role in killing monsters. Like enemies, the game also has a lot of different heroes. They can be unlocked by buying by gold, cash or you can own by going completely some difficult levels. After passing through the third cấp độ of the Campaign Mode, you will be given the first anh hùng of Kingdom Rush – Gerald Lightseeker. Then you can choose any anh hùng you want & buy them when you have sầu enough money.

MOD APK version of Kingdom Rush

MOD Feature

Unlimited Money: You will have sầu 999999999 gems.Heroes Unlocked: Not work any more

Note about the MOD

You have to lớn play slot 0, if you create a new profile, the MOD version may not work.

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Download Kingdom Rush MOD APK for Android

I have sầu been playing Kingdom Rush for a long time, but the game is still a lot of fun to explore. Since the game has a huge number of players around the world, you can refer khổng lồ some great tactics or tips on game discussion forums. If you have sầu something to chia sẻ, leave a comment below this article.