Capheny aov s21 build guide : arcana, rune, items and counter


CaphenyArcana, Rune, Item Builds Guide forArena of Valor(AoV). Capheny is the marksman with extremely terrible shock damage in the late game.

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Arcana for Capheny

We should use Arcana:

Atrocity x 10Critical Chance: +1.6%
Guerrilla x 10Attack Speed: +1%Movement Speed: +1%
Skewer x 10Attack Damage: +0.9Armor Pierce: +6.4

Item for Capheny




Fafnir’s Talon+60 Attack Damage +30% Attack Speed +10% Life Steal Unique Passive – Dragon’s Breath: Normal attacks deal additional physical damage equal to 8% of target’s current HP (0.3-second internal cooldown).

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War Boots+25 Attack Speed Unique Passive – Movement Speed +60
Claves Sancti+90 Attack Damage Unique Passive – Gift of the Swift: Increases hero’s movement speed by (3-45) for 1.5 seconds after landing a critical hit. Only usable by ranged heroes. Unique Passive – +25% Critical Chance Unique Passive – +50% Critical Damage
Muramasa+75 Attack Damage +10% Cooldown Speed Unique Passive: Armor Pierce 45%
Fenrir’s Tooth+200 Attack DamageUnique Passive – Fenrir’s Tooth: Increases all damage dealt by 30% when the target’s HP is below 50%.

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Blade of Eternity+140 Ability Power+10% Cooldown Speed+220 armorUnique Passive – Torture: Ability damage inflicts additional magic damage equal to 3% of target’s current HP (up to 80 against monsters) for 3 seconds.

Rune for Capheny