In the App Store app

, you can find your next game across dozens of categories including action, adventure, racing, puzzles, và more. You can also play with your friends, earn achievements, và compete on leaderboards using trò chơi Center.

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Note: Game Center, hanic.com.vn Arcade, and hanic.com.vn One aren’t available in all countries or regions. See the hanic.com.vn hanic.com.vn article Availability of hanic.com.vn Media Services. The availability of hanic.com.vn Arcade games across devices varies based on hardware & software compatibility. Some nội dung may not be available in all areas. See the hanic.com.vn hanic.com.vn article hanic.com.vn Arcade game availability across devices.

Tap any of the following:

Games: Explore new releases, see the top charts, or browse by category.

Arcade: Enjoy the curated collection of premium games from hanic.com.vn Arcade (subscription required) without ads or in-app purchases.

Search: Enter what you’re looking for, then tap Search on the keyboard.

To download a game, tap any of the following:

The price: Buy the game.

If you see

instead of a price, you already purchased the game, và you can tải về it again for không lấy phí.

Get: The game is free or included with your hanic.com.vn Arcade subscription. If the game is coming soon, you’re notified when it’s available.

Play hanic.com.vn Arcade games on your other hanic.com.vn devices

If you subscribe to lớn hanic.com.vn Arcade, you can play & access your game progress on your compatible hanic.com.vn devices where you’re signed in with your hanic.com.vn ID.

See the hanic.com.vn hanic.com.vn article Access your hanic.com.vn Arcade gameplay data on all of your devices.

Connect a wireless game controller to lớn iPhone

See the manufacturer’s instructions & Set up and use công nghệ Bluetooth không dây accessories on iPhone.

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Play with your friends in Game Center

You can send friend requests, manage your public protệp tin, và trachồng your high scores across your hanic.com.vn devices using trò chơi Center.

To create a trò chơi Center protệp tin, bởi any of the following:

Choose a nickname: Tap Nickname, then enter a name or choose one of the suggestions. Your friends see your nickname when you play games together.

Personalize your protệp tin picture: Tap Edit at the top, then create a new Memoji, use an existing Memoji, or customize how your initials appear.

To add friends, tap Add Friends, then enter their phone number or hanic.com.vn ID, or tap

khổng lồ invite someone in your Contacts các mục.

Recipients can respond to lớn friend requests in any of the following ways:

In Messages, tap the link.

In a hanic.com.vned game, tap the Game Center protệp tin picture, tap Friends, then tap Friend Requests.

In the App Store, tap

or your profile picture at the top right, tap Game Center, then tap Friover Requests.

In your list of friends, tap a friover to lớn see games they recently played và their achievements. You can also report a user for cheating, an inappropriate picture or nickname, or another problem. To remove sầu a friend, tap Remove sầu Friend.

Set Game Center restrictions

You can mix restrictions for multiplayer games, adding friends, private messaging, & more.

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Go khổng lồ Settings

 > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions, then turn on Content & Privacy Restrictions.