Cách Chơi Tiny Dota 2




Tiny is a carry with a large amount of health và attaông chồng damage. In the early game, he uses his

Avalanbít &

Toss bộ combo to lớn deal burst damage in ganks. As he acquires more items, Tiny transitions into a full-fledged carry, capable of wiping entire teams and demolishing buildings with

Tree Grab. With every cấp độ in


Grow, he gains more damage & armor, although he does thất bại some attack speed. With a

Blinks Dagger, Tiny also makes an effective sầu initiator. However, Tiny is susceptible to disables, and can be shut down by intense harassment in the early game.

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High early game burst damage.High late game splash damage.Decent at clearing stacks.Gains even more damage & armor with his ultimate.Low mana.Needs a good early game.Does not get any agility at all, which results in abysmal attachồng tốc độ & armor.Low attaông chồng speed without items.Loses attack speed with every point Tiny puts inkhổng lồ his ultimate.


Tiny only needs

Bliên kết Dagger and levels in Avalanbịt and Toss khổng lồ deal serious damage, earning kills for his team throughout the mid game. It may be worth it to delay leveling Grow until Avalanđậy and Toss are maxed out in order to lớn maximize ability damage.


Instead of farming heroes, carry Tiny farms stacks of neutral creep camps, especially ancient ones, by using Tree Grab”s splash damage. He should invest in items that grant attaông chồng tốc độ to complement his huge attaông xã damage, resulting in consistent damage output in team fights.

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Ability Builds

Ganker Tiny
Carry Tiny


Hero Talents25





Toss Charges


Avalanbít Cooldown

Toss Requires No Target+18



Avalanbít Damage


Tree Grab Attaông xã Charges

+25 Damage+15 Movement Speed


Tips & Tactics


Tiny has high base attack damage, which makes last hitting a breeze.Tiny suffers from low mamãng cầu. In the early game, one ability or ability combo will often use up all his mamãng cầu.Tiny has poor lane presence và should be supported by another anh hùng if necessary.Tiny has great strength gain, but poor intelligence và no agility gain.Despite his appearance, Tiny”s absence of armor in the early game make hyên ổn vulnerable khổng lồ physical attacks.While Tiny has the potential lớn be a relentless force in the late game, his scaling process is delicate. Good players must know how khổng lồ farm well in the early game lớn keep pace with other carries.A poorly farmed Tiny will become a burden khổng lồ his team in the mid and late game.To clear creep waves, Toss enemy ranged creep inlớn enemy melee creeps & finish with Tree Grab attacks or Tree Throw.


AvalancheTossed units take triple damage from Avalanđậy, bursting most heroes in the early to mid game.To persize the combo, get cthua kém lớn the enemy, use Avalanbít then Toss right after.Since the duration of Toss lasts longer than that of Avalanbít, if Tiny wants lớn take advantage of triple damage Avalanđậy, he can take the talent that grants Toss charges.In the late game though, space out Avalanbít and Toss to lớn maximize disabling duration since Tiny relies more on attacks to lớn khuyễn mãi giảm giá damage at that point.When ganking, use Avalanđậy to lớn stun enemies so Tiny can walk up lớn them & Toss them khổng lồ his allies.Avalanđậy has a 600 cast range, and its radius is slightly larger than its visual effect.Even though Avalanche has no cast point, it still takes some time lớn actually damage & stun enemies.

TossToss must target an enemy/allied unit, meaning that Tiny cannot simply Toss units anywhere on the bản đồ.If Toss targets the enemy that is going khổng lồ be Tossed, that enemy will be thrown straight up in the air, & come baông chồng down on the same spot.Toss cannot target buildings, but will damage them if the Tossed unit hits the building within its AoE radius.To vì so, target Toss on an enemy unit next khổng lồ the building.When chasing a fleeing enemy, Toss an ally with a disable, buying Tiny enough time khổng lồ catch up.Use Toss defensively to throw enemies away from Tiny.Use Toss offensively lớn throw enemies into Tiny”s teammates.Tiny will Toss the unit closest to lớn hyên. He cannot directly choose which target to Toss.Be careful not to Toss an ally to lớn their death.Toss interrupts channeled abilities.Tiny may choose to use Toss after the full duration of Avalanche”s stun if he wants to prioritize disabling over damaging, buying time for allies to follow.

Tree GrabTree hit charges last until used, so the ability does not need khổng lồ be conserved while travelling khổng lồ a fight.Use Tree Grab in the laning stage for bonus damage khổng lồ last hit.Area damage from Tree Grab also serves as harassment against enemy heroes.Denying a friendly creep does not splash.Tree Throw gives vision along its path, revealing enemies hiding in trees.

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GrowGrow buffs Tiny”s attaông xã damage, at the cost of degraded attachồng speed.His slow attaông xã tốc độ can be further exploited by enemies with abilities that slow attaông xã tốc độ.